Bride Among the Ruins Exploring the anonymous female presence in Renaissance and Baroque Cathedral Art. Le Logge Gallery. Assisi, Italy


Voicing the Voiceless - Floating Bed of Lost Dreams Exploring the lost dreams of children caught in the Human Trafficking industry. Downtown Studio Art Gallery CS CO, USA

Fellow artist and creator of the floating figure in the background looking at the Floating Bed of Lost Dreams. Also included in the background are floral veils by De Lane Bredvik. Viewing Lost Dreams among and through BenAmots' cheese cloth faces of the Lost Souls

BRIDAL VEILS - Mixed media installations depicting the veiled strengths & identities of Women Warriors. Sangre de Cristo Art Center, White Gallery. Pueblo, CO USA 

Bridal Portraits - Ink, foamcore, bridal fabrics, latex paint 84"x 240" 

 Bridal Veils - Cheese Cloth & Ink Paitings approximately 108"x108"x108" 

 WAR BRIDES  - Installation Drawings (mixed media on BFK) created in response to the "new definition" of the War Bride i.e. a Bride who is a Warrior Sangre de Cristo Art Center, White Gallery. Pueblo, CO USA 

WAR BRIDE 2 - 6ft. installation drawing 

WAR BRIDE 1 - 6ft. installation drawing

Faces of War Works on paper, lamb bones & sand.  Honoring the diverse humanity and experiences of the those serving in the military. Manitou Springs CO USA