Works exploring oil, water, bones and “sacred objects” depicting oil as harvested by humans in nature and in our homes. Inspired by a pilgrimage to Standing Rock last year, I continue to honor and discuss tensions between sustaining natural resources and industrial forces. Paintings created during a 3-month residency at The Machine Shop.

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Machine Shop Studio
Machine Shop Studio
Spirits & Machines - oil & mixed paints on mounted panel 24"x48"
Beautiful Machines & Lost Oceans oil & mixed paints on canvas 20"x60"
Engineered - oil & mixed paints on panel 18"x36"
I love my toaster - oil on canvas 20"x 60"
Stream of Consciousness: Field of Dreams - oil & mixed paints on mounted panel 24"s36"
Unplugged Toaster Prayers - oil & mixed paints on cradled panel diptych 36"x42"
Unplugged - mixed paints on cradled panel36"x18"
Towers & Toasters - oil & mixed paints on cradled panel 36"x24"
Prayer Tower - oil on metal 8"x12"
Prayers & Outlets - oil on metal 8"x12"
Unplugged - oil on metal 8"x12"
Water Prayer - mixed paints on cradled panel 8"x12"
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