Battle Portraits: Wounded Lions Wounded Lambs

Rendering the Impact of War: â€œSkillfully painted powerful work"   Paula Harper, formerly of Art In America, in 2011 of BenAmots' Battle Portraits.

Semi-abstracted large portraits created in response to stories shared by veterans of war. Most participants were in Psychiatric hospitals in treatment for PTSD or TBI.

Enlargeable painting, exhibit and process thumbnails at the bottom of the page. 


Witness   48"x72" oil on canvas

Lost Lion 48"x72" oil on canvas - click thumbnail to enlarge & view

Messenger 48"x72" oil on canvas

Poet Warrior 48"x72" oil on canvas

The Mask 60"x96" oil on canvas with grommets

Glory Girl 48"x108" oil on linen with grommets 

Journey Inside 48"x108" oil on linen with grommets

 Dark Soldier oil on canvas 36"x48" 

Enlargeable Painting Thumbnails

Enlargeable Studio & Exhibit Thumbnails